Download IGCSE O Level Add Maths 0606 Past Papers

O level Additional Mathematics students with a lot of practice of past papers along with the book and the Add Maths revision notes can improve their grip on questions. Students should focus on the IGCSE O level Additional Mathematics examiner reports and the mark schemes as well. This enables them to know how the examiner will be evaluating them for each step of their calculation performed and what are the type of questions that the O Level Additional Mathematics exam can evaluate.

These are the basics of How to get a grade in O Level Additional Mathematics and how to finish the exam on time. Time for some students is a big issue as some students find it lengthy and difficult, so practice well before appearing in the exam.

  • IGCSE O Level Additional Mathematics 0606 Past Papers Free Download
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  • IGCSE O Level Add Maths 0606 Past Papers download contains:
  • Examiner reports
  • Grade thresholds
  • Mark schemes
  • Specimen papers
  • Syllabus
  • Teacher’s resources
  • Instruction reports
  • Teacher’s resources
  • Notes; and,
  • FAQ’s


Download Free IGCSE Additional Maths 0606 Past Papers

The syllabus intends learners to

  • Extend the mathematical skills
  • Broaden your mind
  • Help in A-Levels
  • Help in O Level Mathematics
  • sattisfy demands of some universities
  • Earn Scholarships

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Add Maths 0606

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