Physics Formulas and Equations sheet

Physics and mathematics is all about formulas and equations. There would be rarely any question that would be solved without any equation or a formula behind your answer. Every chapter has its own specific formula and many formulas have been derived from one an other and concepts usually  grow and continue.

Here is a list of formulas that would help students from get their formulas. This formula sheet would work for all students whether it would be a Cambridge GCE O Level /  A Level student, Edexcel GCSE / IGCSE/ A Level, AQA, WJEC and 10, 11, 12 Level students can study from it with ease. These formulas can be used both at secondary and higher level to solve questions from past papers and worksheets.

Physics Formulas and Equations sheet

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Physical quantities and units • Measurement techniques • Kinematics • Dynamics • Forces, density and pressure • Work, energy and power • Deformation of solids • Waves • Superposition • Electric fields • Current of electricity • D.C. circuits • Particle and nuclear physics • Motion in a circle • Gravitational fields • Ideal gases • Temperature • Thermal properties of materials • Oscillations • Communication • Capacitance • Electronics • Magnetic fields • Electromagnetic induction • Alternating currents • Quantum physics

By practice you would be able to learn these formulas and you needto memorize and they should be in our brain while reading the question so you plan the solution already in your mind. In this way you would be able to master all formulas.


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