11 exam revision tips to make an A* possible – Get revising

Can you picture yourself opening your result ? What do you want to see in it?  A*, A* and A*. Exams are the most anticipating time of the student life and for me it used to be the most difficult and frightening  part of my life.To avoid getting in the same state you guys should do a comprehensive revision for your exams. We have arranged 11 exam revision tips/techniques for your complete thorough exam revision.

 1. Get a revision timetableplanner-week

The first exam revision tip is to get a timetable for yourself for you to get organized. I would recommend you to make your timetable on daily bases and not just do all the task you have planned but try to do more than that. This really gives a good feeling and increases your confidence.

Students should start revising months before their exams, so they have at least revised their whole syllabus thrice. The subjects in which you are weak should be prioritized as more time should be allocated to the subject. The revision timetable for the days when your exams have started should be a little different as in subjects there are no breaks given should be instantly put in your Revision Timetable. You can create an online revision timetable from here.

2.Have a look at the syllabus

Have the syllabus of all your subjects in your hand early. The exam is totally from your syllabus. It is a good habit to look at your syllabus often as it tells where do you stand now. keep on ticking the portions you have done and DON’T leave any thing.

3.The mantra “Practice, Practice, Practice…”study-at-home/The mantra "Practice, Practice, Practice..."

The order of your practice should be totally up to you. But for those who need guidance in this phase, so I would tell my usual practice. Firstly, I used to revise from my books and notes. Then, I would take up my past papers that i would solve. The chapters I encountered any problem would used to be discussed with my teachers. “Do plenty of Past Papers”

4. Why not have a break?

Got stressed, exhausted, and you are not getting anything? You are in definite need of a break. Breaks are of multiple forms. Like the break between two subjects should be not more than Twenty- Minutes where you can find your self some sort of snack, a short chat with your siblings/friends, etc. Worked for more than one day or maybe for a week : go to cinema, play some outdoor games. Would give you a relaxing effect!

5.Mind Maps are essential.Mind Maps are essential.

Another important exam revision tips is to make mind maps.Your mind maps are essential for you as they summarize the whole topic for you making it quick to revise as well. Mind Maps connect ideas and the main reason why they are so important as when you associate things with one another they get easy to understand and learn. Their creativity does not let you get bore. Mind Maps boost your memory.

6.Sticky Notes

Are they helpful? For me they were as when For the question of a particular physics formula, I remembered they were on my microwave oven.

7. Environment Matters.

Where are you studying? Something to be serious about. You need a place where you would not be disturbed for a number of hours, a place where you can spread your notes, you have no distractions and read out loudly, sometimes shout.

stufy eith friends

8.Get your head joined with your friends

Get assisted from your friends and discuss your problems as they would probably help you. Not just get helped but be ready to help your weaker friends as this would make up a healthy environment.

9. Have extra resourcesadvice

You should remain ahead of your friends and the way you can do this is to use the web-wisely. Get students apps, discover useful sites and read articles on motivation. Keep on taking advices from your teachers, friends and parents.

10. Think Positive

If it is your exam day today you need to have a positive mind setup for yourself and just say “I can do it” . This mantra would make you do the most difficult task on the face of the earth. What you need to do is to take of the pressure and nervousness as this won’t make your life easier.

 11. Get involved

Last but not the least exam revision tip is to get involved. This is the simplest way to get the whole output and make your work more efficient is to get involved in it which makes you unaware of the surroundings. Once you get involved/absorbed in your task, you surely tend to give your 100%.GET-INVOLVED

If one follows these tips faithfully and honestly he/she would surely achieve a good grade. The exam revision tips can be used for any level for secondary level revision, high school revision, IGCSE/GCSE/GCE revision, A Level revision and even university/college revision. this can be served as your last minute revision tips.

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