Dictionaries are an important tool for everyone, especially for students. Dictionary should be present every time with a person and as with the times being changed you don’t need to carry the 1000 page thick dictionaries with you. All you need to is to go to your appstore on your apple gadgets or your android phones. Here is a list of 5 dictionaries that would definitely help you. Although the basic function is to provide you with the definition, but as users vary so their experience. The app that is liked by one may not be liked by the other. For this reason a list of 5 dictionaries has been prepared. Dictionaries are of many types like English-Hindi, English-Urdu dictionaries, French-Spanish, English-Bangla an  English to French dictionaries. There are online dictionaries and offline dictionaries as well.
Have a go at the list and then download the most suitable dictionary on your gadget from appstore/playstore.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary

Merriam-Webster dictionary being America’s most reputable dictionary is optimized for your iPhone, smart phoMerriam-Webster's -aolpapers.comne, iPad, tablets,  Apple Watch and other smart watches. The app would run smoothly and has some new features in its newest updates as you can search for a word without writing but just spelling The dictionary in turn pronounces the word for you. The dictionary would provide with synonyms and antonyms. Moreover, example sentences are provided that help to get a clearer view of where the word should be used. Extra features include word of the day, Favorites and recent history as well.

Oxford Dictionary of English

This is another trusted dictionary that has gained its reputation over the years with consistent improvements coming with content from Oxford University Press. The dictionary contains numerous amount of words (more than 350,000). You get pronunciation more than 75000 words. Not being restricted to any person or group this can be used by anyone at home/work, academics, students or professionals. Extra useful features include Search autocomplete, Keyword lookup, Fuzzy filter, Camera search and  Share options.

oxford dictionaries-aolpapers.com

The premium version of Oxford Dictionary for English obviously to be bought contains Audio pronunciation, Offline mode, Priority support and no ads.


Being comparatively newer in the industry but impressed people with its performance and great wdictionary.comork. There are more then 200,00 words in the dictionary of whom definition and synonyms are available. The greatest feature of  this application is that this works in offline mode. The feature that are packed with this beautiful app are:

• Word of the Day – helps you  learn a word that mostly is new to you
• Audio pronunciation – Get to know how each word is pronounced
• Voice search – Speak and the word would be searched for you
• Translator – You would be able to translate words up to 30 languages
• Blog – read 800 fun topics
• Slideshows – get to learn facts about language
• Quiz widget – increase your brain and memory sharpness
• Word origin – find out interesting etymologies
• Favorite words and search history – all of the words saved for you
• Advanced learner’s dictionary – ESL, EFL and English learners content also provided

Offline Dictionariesoffline dictionary-aolpapers.com

This consists of many dictionaries got together in one place. Over 50 multi-lingual dictionaries have got in one place to provide you with the best service. The dictionaries help you get the definition in many languages and there variants at any time and any where.

Dictionary – WordWebDictionary - WordWeb-aolpapers.com

This dictionary has some new features:

285,000 words
225,000 definitions
70,000 example sentences
85,000 word  pronunciations
Alphabetical listing
Spelling suggestions
Fast pattern-matching search and many more.

These are the most rated dictionaries and most searched/liked as well. They all deliver excellent user-experience and behave smoothly. With constants updates all have them brought themselves to a very good and reputable position.

If you know about any other dictionary let others know as well in the comments section

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