What is confidence and how much is Self confidence important?

The self-confidence that is considered to be one of the most important parts of humanity. Self-confidence is simply to have trust in your abilities and qualities that are you gifted with. Self-confidence means that you handle any task and accept any challenge without any reluctance in your behavior. The person who is self-confident believes that he/she deserve to be happy that causes to like themselves and others as well as living in this world are no more a problem to them. Being a self-confident person makes you a source of inspiration and admiration for other people. Self-confident people learn from their past and never get afraid of the obstacles that come in front of them.

Ways of increasing your self-confidence

Those who lack self-confidence shouldn’t dishearten as this is one thing that can be built on your own. So, what if you are confident every week of the month, every day of the week and every hour of the day. For this to happen you need to read these 5 experimented ways to build you self-confidence.

  • How you look

Starting off from your physical appearance that plays a really essential role in your confidence level. Doesn’t a Adobe_Photoshop_CS6_icon.svgshower, shave or scent give you a good and fresh feeling? Moreover, changing your clothes (your favorite ones)  adds to this good sense.

Don’t you edit your images? Try some Photoshop on your images and this would definitely increase your self-confidence as your presentation to others gets even nicer and cool. Improving your looks means that you are giving a strong impression on others and as well as making your self-satisfied.

  • Think and Act positively.

Thinking positive and removing all negative thoughts from your mind is a good way to deal with your life. The negative thoughts and the negative attitude should be expelled from your life. This includes: “I can’t do this” , “This is too hard”, thinking negatively as if you would fail, all this does is de-motivate you which you don’t want to be, so instead try to think and act positively. “I can do it”, this behavior would surely help anyone.

What you think is what will you get so try thinking positive.

Salman Mustafa

  • Your body gestures and Habits.

Other than your looks, your body gestures tell a lot about you. Certain body gestures give a good impression  of yourself e.g. How you stand: Standing straight and tall  makes you feel good about yourself and as well as attractive, boosting your confidence level. What I do is change/remove any one of my bad habits as most recently I had got addicted to an app from which I successfully got rid of. Speaking slowly is yet another amazing  improvement for giving a good impression as this shows your calm nature and allows you to plan what to say next. The least you can do is to smile that makes the other person feel comfortable with you that helps in removing the reluctance in between.

  • Pre-Preparation

Something that a person has learned before would be much easier to do, besides a totally new thing, so it is advisable to be pre-prepared for your tasks. This helps you increase your competence level and in turn your confidence level.

  • Set Goals anset yor goals aimsd Rules

You should have your goals in your mind every time and these goals should be achieved within/before time and as well constantly increased. Life should not be lived just like that, but you should set some rules and limits that guard you.This would increase your satisfaction level and you as a person as well.




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