Everyone is waiting for their vacations to start like every year and has over a hundred things on their mind but do none of them. Some even don’t have these plans and are again prepared to waste their vacations. Aol Team has prepared a list of 5 tasks that you can do over these vacations where students can do some productive work beneficial for their future


Volunteering is always a great and productive option to do at any time and summer vacations are the best time for the students where they can give their most of the time. Whether the volunteering is of three days or the whole vacations it will prove out to be productive. Some of the most popular and excellent volunteering tasks that can be carried out are:

  1. People are often invited by parks, beaches, hiking trials and other public places where public is expected to give help clean trash and if possible  make repairs. These clean-up days are seen very rarely and if offered students must go out with their friends and volunteer.
  2. If you are very much into sports and also know it well; whereas, you think that you are good enough to help some young kids to learn the sports. This can be one of the best tasks that you can do these summers. You can even coach a team of kids!5 Top things to do over these summer vacations-helping-old-people
  3. There are retirement homes in every area, and spending an hour or two with senior citizens would be worth it. You can go and have a chat, they have long stories of their childhood to tell you, and you can’t stop smiling at them. Take some music and games and give a little shine to their monotonous life.
  4. Yet an other volunteering task is to read for the blind and dyslexic, where you are required to record texts and books for them. They are in short supply of volunteers who have interest in maths, science and foreign languages.



Internships are the best way to learn in a comfortable environment for the students. They prove out to be the best when the student has their interest in that particular thing as well. Internships are full of advantages and it does  not really matter that which field are you studying. Some of the internships that many students do every year and enjoy doing are:

  1. If you have an interest in media then apply for an internship, then it’s a great time to show and test your talent in this field. Experience is gained along with enjoyment.
  2. If not a media person, you may have interest in science, and plenty of internships are available for science and some special internship programmes are held by organization to promote science as well.
  3. If you are interested in banking, then investment banking is a great and a very valid option.
  4. Want to get away from studies and have a sporty spirit, then don’t waste your time excelling in your field.

Knowledge expansion and Hobbies

All the students out there, this is high time that you expand your knowledge, this is not only limited to books and just gaining information. Making new hobbies, gaining experience in new fields does counts as expansion of your knowledge. Some of the other ways to do this in this summer vacation are:

  1. Make a new hobby. A new hobby can be any thing like learning to play a new instrument. This can actually help you bring out your inner natural talent and polish it. Whereas, the skills that you develop can be used in future by first impressing your fellows and if you have really done well, you can be projected on any platform easily, there are many talent hunters nationally and internationally.
  2. Another useful task can be learning to cook. Cooking has a great effect on a person’s mind, it makes a mind more creative and you can cook for yourself at any time without thinking for help from anyone. Later it has to help you more, as many students move to on-campus boarding or place where they are alone, and students have to save every penny that means cooking at home can help them save a lot of money. This can turn into a persons passion as well that can be pursued by them.
  3. Have an interest in any language or you are planning to move to another country for a vacation or for higher education, learning their language is always going to help you. It is not necessary that you go to any special classes when you can learn online at home.
  4. And, reading is obviously going to help you increase your knowledge, thinking and reading skills. kindle-5 Top things to do in summer vacations-aolpapers.com.Reading has never been so easy, read it on your phone from goodreads and other quality websites. If you are really Bibliophilic then buy a kindle for yourself and take hundreds of books any where with you.


After School

Now you are in O & A Levels, this means that you must eye for your Universities from now and summer vacations are the best and golden time especially if you are in AS (11th year) as next year you would be applying to your dream universities, and not every one is lucky to get an admission in their dream universities. Some of the tasks that you can do over these summers to get an admission in a great university:universities-5 Top things to do over these summer vacations

You must set your target university and work toward it. Prepare for the admission tests in these summers. If you think you were lacking in some subject previously, start working on it and improve your grades. Students, it’s never too early to create your resume, the more time you get, the better your resume, the better the essay and application and eventually more chances of getting the admission. Universities have made it very easy, you can apply for them online and is totally free, similarly you can get to know the amount of scholarship you can get.

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