Student are in search of pictures. Pictures available in google search are already used or not what you want. There should be some variety.  AOL Team has arranged a list of 6 best websites where you can download free stock photos. The list is carefully made for you where you would possibly find pictures of your choice. Large collection of images is present in these websites. They would fulfil almost all of your needs from scalar to vector graphics, high resolution to science pictures and from abstract images to textures. Almost every type of picture is present and some sites provide their images with copyrights. You can use these in many areas like for your multi-media projects, as wallpapers for your phone or any other gadget, and if you want to use them for commercial use, don’t worry the  license terms of the websites state that they allow commercial use of their images. Although the license terms vary as some need to mention the source so it is highly recommended to take a look at their privacy policies if you are searching for royalty free stock photo websites.


Flickr, a company owned by yahoo has pictures from social flickr freeimagewebsite aolpapers.comnetworks and provides photo ratings as well. Flickr has got its place in the top because this is the best of all free stock photo websites based on users rating and overall user experience provided. Pictures here are submitted from photographers all around over the world and is a good source to share your images as well if one has some pictures that he/she wants to be shared. However, all the images provided here are not copy right free which means all images cannot be used freely especially for commercial purposes. is another leading stock photos website where a large collection of high resolution images iare available in high quality . Under CCo all photos uploaded to this website are free to use even commercially. You would find the most amazing photos on this site and different from the whole internet as a giant network of photographers helps this website to run. The fast and accurate search facility provided in the search box helps you to reach the image more efficiently without any hassle by narrowing down your search. You can do this or scroll through until you find your desired image and download it. Extra features of this site are that allows you to see when the image was uoploaded and how many views it has received along the number of likes received. With this feature then the images can be sorted e.g. according to dates, etc. But to download or like a picture you have to create an account.


With a very large collection of over 20 million pictures, EveryStockPhoto is used and found greatly helpful. The same feature of searching a photo by its category, name, etc. After signing in their account you would be given the right to download, tag and rate pictures. Moreover, the images provided here are license specific.

Life Of PixLife Of

Yet an other great website for getting your free stock photos. High resolution images are provided for personal and commercial use as well. No copyrights are involved and adds images every week. You can also upload your images as pictures uploaded here are shown with the upload date, the uploader name and a link to the uploaders profile.

Pixabaypixabay free stock photos

Another Copyright free stock image site, where many types of images are uploaded under the banner of CCo. Any picture can be searched from its color, size category and orientation from the search box provided. Additional to download a picture you can rate it and comment on it as well. is a good place to find a variety of free stock photos. The pictures are divided into various categories, like: USA (includes pictures from various states), Business, Eurofreefoto_com-aolpapers.compe (includes various European countries), and Nature. Browse the gallery to find an appropriate picture. Different pictures have different license terms assigned to them. Go through it before downloading a picture.

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