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In this age, where time is the top most priority for everyone. For students, however; time is even more important and as the qualifications go higher, time gets even more important. We should always be looking for new and useful ways to save time. You can save your time from your store with Spritz. Spritz is an app for students letting them scan text up to 1000 words/minute where words are flashed in the same spot. The app helps you scan your most important documents.


Students need to be fit and active and there is another app that helps you track your moves, counting every step, distance you move and minutes you travel. As your phone is always along with you, that means you would always be tracked and how many calories you have burned.

pocket app how to book mark aolpapers.com700x350Pocket

Bookmarking is essential nowadays as we forget the useful websites on the internet. We bookmark most types of media, in order to save our time and reach the required place in a quicker and an efficient way. Pocket helps you with all of this, your PC book marks on your phone and vice versa.


Math is not less than a problem for most of the people in this globe. Everyone wonders that if he/she writes a question, and you get the answer, so you would be amazed that an application has been designed to make your life heaven. After choosing the math problem that you are looking for, tools like spaces, charts and graphs would be provided before you get your answer. Although it is a sort of buggy but students still prefer to use it.


Dictionary in a student’s cell phone is a must as you hear a new word and want its meaning, so besides asking someone to provide you with the help just type in the word, get its 100% sure meaning and save it for you.

Exam Countdown

Students need to know about their upcoming tests and for these tests not to be forgotten in any case you need this. Exam Countdown being a free and simple app helps you keep track of your exam dates. This is a must have app for students of all levels , GCSEs, A Levels and University.

Gojimo revision appgojimo-gojimo-test-prep-app for students-aolpapers.com

A very great app with vast resources and a large range of quizzes available for qualification from countries like China, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and South Africa. All major qualifications are provided from these countries that are studied worldwide. The free content provided is for courses like GCSE, A-Levels, SAT, ACT, etc with over 150,000 questions that includes exam board specific revision guides.


Whoever prefers learning visually; iMindMap is a great handy app helping students creating mind maps / brainstorm diagrams. However, this app works great for note taking and presentations.

Which app do you like the most? Tell others about your choice as well!




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  1. Gojimo is the best app. Helped me a lot…………….. THHHHAAAANNKKKKSSSS


    1. Yes it is, undoubtedly.


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