To get the best of high-school, you need to balance your academics and extracurricular activities. Balancing them healthily and in the right way would give you a successful year of study. Students have many opinions on the this equilibrium. I would be highlighting the importance of this equilibrium along with how you can manage your time, so you can carry both of the tasks side by side.

Most high school students are involved in at least one activity. It is beneficial and important that students practice as many as extracurriculars as they can. Extracurricular activities have a great impact on a student’s life. Time management and remaining concentrated to your studies is the most difficult task. I would be guiding you how to balance your academics with your extracurricular activities. Let us discuss some ways in which you can do this:

Never Compromise on your Academics

Your academics should be firstly prioritized over your extracurriculars, unless you are in a national team and the match is having a clash with your school test. Your first and foremost task should be your grades that can only be Your grades are going to grant you scholarships and very few are lucky to go that far that universities grant them scholarships on their extracurriculars.

Make an Organized Schedule

List all the things – activities you have to do and subjects that you have to study – on a piece of paper. A written schedule will help the most instead of planning it up in your mind. Choose the most suitable time for each task and give sufficient time to each task. If you drag your extracurriculars to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this would help you a lot. You would be able to focus more on your academics and help yourself achieve better grades. Shifting them to week-ends doesn’t mean that you stop practicing fully. Decrease the time allocated to a maximum of one hour.

Type of activities you should choose

The activities you prefer should be something that would help you in future. Joining every club is not going to help you out. It would be a sheer waste of time. Picking 10 activities would obviously not of help to you. Choose 3-4 activities in which you are genuinely interested in and are passionate about it. This way you would be able to pay enough attention to your activities and your studies.

Are you getting too much involved?

Never get immersed in these activities, everyone is not able to standout in it. You would be needing your grades, so you can’t compromise on your studies in any situation. You should participate in these activities for fun and a way to make new friends.

Getting fully involved in it would make your life difficult as you come under a lot of obligations and duties that are difficult to deal with.

School time

You can take advantage of your school time for these activities and studies. If you study in your school time you can get direct help from students and teachers who can guide you the best. On the contrary, if you plan to play, this wouldn’t be a bad option either. Play or do any other activity in school, study at home. School time is a great blessing if a student wishes to utilize it properly.

Here is an experience from an engineering student (Akshita Tyagi), and her experience would help you understand how important is to carry on these activities along with your school

During my first year, fresh out of school, I was not very much satisfied with my engineering entrance results and the hence the college I had gotten into. So, I completely cut myself off from all the extra curricular activities and decided to focus ONLY on studies. I used to participate in a lot of debating, impromptu speaking, speech delivery and extempore competitions. But I deliberately stopped it all. This affected in a manner I had not expected. My grades started falling and studies seemed more like a burden now. I scored 75% during my first year.

Subsequent years of my college, I decided to get back to what I originally was! Participated in Inter-college debate competitions, compered for college fests and also served as the Chairperson for IEEE WIE (Women In Engineering) branch of my college, served as Event head/Chief Organizer for the college fests for the following years, excluding a lot of other activities I was involved in. Well, I started enjoying my college more! Grew as a person. Learnt things which I might have never encountered sitting in class. Made a hell lot of friends! And NO, studies DID NOT take a back seat in middle of all this. Though I was never regular in attending my lectures, but I made sure I give good 15-20 days to studies before every exam.  For those few days I kept studies on the top of my priority list. I surprisingly started enjoying studying and put in my devoted efforts! My aggregate by the end of the Eighth semester is 85%. I have a descent resume, full of projects and extra curricular activities and and and I am soon leaving for Masters ! :’)

As far as social media is concerned, I will be blunt enough to say, I loathe Facebook. Do not even talk about managing your time on Facebook to me. I could never learn it. *poker face* Hence, deleted my account altogether..

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