Before getting into a discussion of what are the best hobbies for students? You need to know how important they are to one’s life. Finding a hobby is never difficult as it is something present in yourself. You always have to discover it.

Hobbies are an Imperial part of any student’s life. Your parents may enroll you in different activities, your friends may ask you to join classes or your school may require you to take up a hobby every semester. Needless to say, new/interesting hobbies built up a substantial part of our young life. And we should be grateful that it does so, especially when it is so difficult to pursue a particular hobby/passion as we get older. The best time to pursue hobby/hobbies and learn new things is when we are younger when we can learn quickly and when we can devote much of our time to such interests. Well, you never know when you get the opportunity to turn your passion into a career.5-benefits-of-pursuinf-hobbies-aolpapers-


1.Gain Knowledge on Varied Topics

As a student, it is much easier to pursue multiple hobbies at the same point in time. This helps in gaining knowledge about various activities and hobbies that we may not know and we may be really good at it too! It is all about trying different things out, working on the hobby and gaining expertise as time goes by. You can only know that reading is your passion if you read a book. A book club in your school may have suggested you a really good book that led you to discover your liking for reading books! It is all about exploration and discovering what your hidden talents may be through these hobbies that you pursue. Student life as said earlier is the best time for exploration as you may not get time in the future once you become the sole bearer of all the responsibilities in
life! Go out and explore. You may never know how maybe a mere hobby can become your profession! It has happened with many, it can happen to you too!

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2. Boost Self-Esteem and Release Stress

New and cool hobbies that you learn at a younger age can be the biggest outlet of stress and anxiety as you grow up and face the realities of the world. You may feel worked up but playing a tune on your piano may calm your nerves tremendously! Hobbies make you feel comfortable, because of the familiarity that you feel while doing it (with continuous practice). This gives many people a sense of control and familiarity without being deeply affected by what’s happening around them.

Here Comes the kicker:

Hobbies for students(college) do become a foundation to stand on and survive in difficult times as they give you admissions to your dream universities. Your admission to universities isn’t totally dependant on your grades, but on your extra curricular activities. To excel in your extra curricular activities, pursuing our hobby is the best option. It boosts your self-esteem as well. You know what you are doing on that piano, your stress and anxiety can diminish substantially. For a student, exam anxiety and stress are a part of everyday life. Hobbies can help a student to compose themselves and work through stressful times.[sc name=”adlink”] [adresponsive]

3. Hobbies Help Connect!

Isn’t it obvious? Hobbies become a part of who you are! Hobbies help you connect to a newer version of yourself, it makes you more interesting as a person. Meeting new people can become pretty easy when the person next to you also loves to play table tennis. Hobbies is a common ground for the impetus of many friendships and interests. Hobbies connect people, hobbies make it easy to associate with other fellow mates. As a student, joining clubs and groups may help you make more friends and acquaintances. The power of networking is pivotal not just in your school life but also in your adult life! Being the part of a school’s student council can help you later when you may be working in an office group as team leader! Hobbies help build team spirit, hobbies make it easier to associate and bond!

4. Hobbies Teach You to Be Patient

Learning a hobby from scratch isn’t an easy task. It takes months and years to master every move and be prolific in a particular hobby. This builds our patience and tolerance to keep pursuing and pushing ourselves in whatever task we do in life. Hobbies give you an example of how hard work can pay off which can help in other areas of your life and teach you to not give up! A karate student has to learn multiple moves and tactics to master each level of a belt test to ultimately gain the black belt! You are not only great at Karate but also at self-defence and you become stronger by the day, an obvious attribute that will help you throughout your life.[sc name=”adlink”]

5. New Perspective on Life

Steve Jobs had taken a few calligraphy classes as a student in his college days. This simple skill helped him develop the world of fonts on the computer. Probably one of the most creative and revolutionary ideas in the history of computer science. Hobbies help you in discovering newer ideas and outlook on life. You learn and experience things that you may not have known if you weren’t pursuing that hobby! The possibilities of growth are endless. Hobbies have a power that can be harnessed in ways one cannot imagine as in the case of Steve Jobs too!


Hobbies can enrich your life in ways that you may have thought to not happen! Find your passions and pursue them while you can before it’s practically too late to learn something new!

By: Larry Jones

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