In this blog, I would be telling you, how I manage my time efficiently and finish the exam well before time, every time. Time management is one of the tasks that many students suffer from. There are people who would finish their work  before time unlike those who are attempting their exams till the end and still not satisfied with it. There are some effective ways that are scientifically validated too that will help you to solve your exam efficiently in time.

Enhance your time management skills with these 4 ways

  1. Apart from everything the First step is: Do you know the exam? The only way to manage your work on time is to know, what you have to write. Sitting in examination hall and thinking ” What Next” would definitely be not of help to you. This means you need to have a good preparation for the exam before you look at the time management skills.
  2. You should have a good writing speed. A good writing speed can be achieved by Writing regularly. Writing what you learn will not only help you memorize in a better way, but also increase your writing speed. Make sure the font of your writing is easy and faster to write as I have seen people with difficult handwriting that makes them to write fast and end up with unattempted questions in the end resulting in bad grades.Exams Guide-How can students manage their time in a short
  3. Read the exam paper thoroughly. People would be asking you to read it for 2-3 times, this would be a totally in vain practice as this would be only waste your time. Read once but carefully. This is important as you get to know which questions you know and how much you can write on them. As a result you know how much time you should allocate to each question to finish your exam on time and if fortunately possible before time.
  4. You don’t know this question? Now what?? You are reading your exam paper and there is a question that you don’t know. You must keep yourself calm and think that you know the answer, in many cases it is actually right, you know the answer but at that instant it doesn’t come to your brain. I am a personal witness to this situation, many times during the exam the solution would strike my mind.

These are the tips to help you in your exam, if you have any personal experience that has helped you, do let me know in the comments section.

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