Lectures are one of the most informative sources of a student’s life. Lectures have got all the information that is present in books and other resources. Listening to lectures is of great value and remembering them is of equal importance. Taking notes of lectures is important as human memory fades quickly and it is difficult for anyone to remember the whole lecture by just merely listening to it.

Taking notes is the only way to remember all of the lectures. With notes in hand, you will be able to remember what you have been taught and never loose track of it. Students, nowadays won’t take this seriously but this is the only successful method to prepare well for your exams.

How to take notes?

Here are some useful techniques that would help students to make notes comprehensively:

Are u prepared?

You must go to your class early so you don’t miss a word from the teacher. Moreover, it gives a good impression rather than appearing in the middle of the class. Take your spiral/register with you and keep your pen ready for not losing what your teacher said.

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Listening skills

Do you want to improve your listening skills? You must be good at listening. Being good at listening would help you to understand the lecture and take notes of it efficiently. For listening, you need to be careful, attentive and free from thoughts. You must have a positive learning attitude.

Some Must Do’s While Taking Notes

There are some tasks that you must carry out to take good notes. Firstly, when you have your lecture noted you must be reviewing it within one day. This habit would help you to remember and understand your lecture. Moreover, it will help you to fix the errors in your notes. If a student rewrites his notes it would definitely help him to memorize what the teacher said. At any time in the day, anything can strike your brain, note it down and then ask about it from your teacher. Making infographics, pictures while taking notes is also a good practice.

Some Never Do’s While Taking Notes

Never try to use abbreviations that you don’t use too often. This can lead to confusion because you would be getting no clue what you write because of  time-saving at that moment that soon turns into a regret. Any vocabulary(unfamiliar) should be avoided. Students should never stop asking questions. Don’t forget to use headings, examples that teachers give and understandable hand-writing.

Cornell Notemaking Method



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Cornell System is one of the ways to make effective notes by using a proper guideline to follow. In the note taking area, make precise notes of the lecture. For the cue coloumn, you are required to leave it initially but after the lecture write the keywords and further details that come up in your mind. Finally in the summary section, summarize whatever you wrote in the page.


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These tips would help you out to get your revision notes. These notes would get important in the exam days and I have literally seen students crying for having no notes. So, don’t be one of them and start taking down your notes efficiently.



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  1. That s really it, but with so many different methods of note-taking out there it s good to find what works for you on different projects. Organization is key with notes, and the more organized you are the better the chances you ll actually remember that information.


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