One of the best ways to revise for your exams is to make a time table for yourself. Having a revision timetable is necessary as it keeps you punctual and doesn’t allow you to waste your time without having any regret. To perform well, you need to study every day from  day one. To study daily and to keep in touch with every subject you need to plan out your day. How to make a revision timetable? Follow these steps to get your schedule ready:



  • Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper in a silent place.
  • Bring all of your daily and occasional tasks & appointments, all of your subjects in your mind.
  • Start noting down all of them on the paper.

Plan your revision timetable

Having all of your activities noted down on a piece of paper and knowing your daily schedule when you are free and when you are not, start planning it out. You should spot the session in which you are the most productive at work and when you have no other task to do. Allocate a suitable time to every task. If you can not study mathematics for long, then you better decrease its time; whereas, starting from this subject would be a good option too.

The subject that is difficult for you to study should be studied in the beginning as your brain is still fresh. A fresh brain can do tasks that you can never think of doing. While planning the revision timetable out, you must have a realistic approach as it doesn’t seem sensible to have a 12-hour schedule.


Don’t Forget to

While planning out, try to use pens of different colors, but too many colors should be avoided. A maximum of three different pens would be more than enough. White backgrounds are always preferable when you can’t think of any better. Mix your revision timetable, don’t follow the same routine every day.

Having the same schedule daily would make it monotonous and make it boring. Don’t forget to cross things that you finish as this would give you a sense of achievement. Make your schedule on a big page preferably A3 and stick it to the wall, cupboard, table or any place that is under within your sight continuously in your room.

Keep yourself fresh

As discussed earlier, keeping fresh is important. To keep fresh, eat snacks from time to time. Following a flexible approach take regular breaks and leave your dorm for a short time after you finish one task to get some fresh air. This practice would keep your interest aroused in your subject.

Try to follow your plan and keep rewards for yourself when you complete a task. Take advice for planning your revision timetable. You need to stick to your study timetable and whenever you are studying never have your phone and other accessories with you. You need to be fully concentrated and committed to your work. There are some online timetable generators to plan out y0ur schedule.



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