What is SAT ?

SATScholastic Assessment Test

SAT is a graded test that is extensively used for admissions in universities. SAT was established in 1926 by collegeboard that is a non-profit private, US organization. Being globally recognized, many colleges/universities  give importance to this and many scholarships are dependent upon good SAT scores. Colleges/universities see how students apply their knowledge of math, reading and writing. Many students would usually give their SATs in their last years of high school.

Why should you take SAT

  1. First of all you get your admission easily and assuredly into prestigious university with a good SAT score.
  2. This would differentiate from others.
  3. Acts as a plus point for you (enhances your application).
  4. Combined with good grades and other extra curricular you surely are eligible for a 100% scholarship.

Should you take an SAT Subject Test?

This is an additional test for students to show their knowledge and intelligence. SAT subject tests are used for admissions. While some universities require you to have specific SAT subject test to be given before you get admission in their institution.

Important Information About SAT Subject Tests

  1. A maximum of three SAT subject can be given on a single date.
  2. Listening tests given in the first hour of testing
  3. Calculators allowed in Subject Tests of Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2
  4. SAT and the SAT Subject Test cannot be given on the same day.
  5. One biology test per day.
  6. You may change SAT Subject Test on the given day but you need to indicate before at the time of  registration.


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SAT preparation

You need to prepare for any thing and every thing in which you want to succeed. So SAT being a tough and a comparatively difficult exam where you need to practice very much for good grades and then eventually benefitting from all its advantages. Here are some links that would help you get good sat preparation. One thing, yours teachers are the best explainers, ask them again and again, find students who have already passed SAT.

Khan Academy – Free

The Official SAT Online Course (TM) – not for SAT from March 2016 – Paid

The Official SAT Study Guide: Second Edition(TM) Paid

The Redesigned SAT


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