Revising for your exam and you exam attempting techniques are the two ways to succeed with top marks. Exam attempting is the technique to get examiner on your side by the presentation of your work. Work can only be presented in a good way only when you have enough knowledge and revision. The following study tips  should be followed during the exam:

Useful Study tips to impress the examiner

Answer To-The-Point

Answer what is asked from you. Don’t get into long stories and irrelevant descriptions for answers. Look at the term that you are asked for, in the exam. The questions asked in the exam have a keyword, that you need to spot and answer according to it. If the question asks you to describe, you will be required to write how that thing looks, where it is but you are not required to explain why it is or any unnecessary information. Writing Irrelevant stuff would only waste your time as you won’t be getting marked for that.

Write Clearly

Your writing style is going to say a lot about you. Examiners need to be able to read clearly what you have written. You need to ensure this as you will get marked only when the examiner understands well.


Your presentation is not all about examiner being able to read what you have written. It is rather how you define your paragraphs, the spacing between your words, indentation and making neat diagram/figures if any. Be cautious of your spelling mistakes as they may not deduct your marks but would confuse the examiner.

study tips-woman-doing-exam-how to give a good exam -Exam Guide: Helpful techniques that students should apply when attempting their exam

Other Student Tips On Exam Attempting Techniques


Did you read the Exam Paper

Take at least 5 to 7 minutes to read all your exam. As Cambridge exams give you generally less time, you have to do everything quickly. A good look at your exam paper is a good practice at the start and as well as at the end of the exam. Understand what every question asks from you by reading them correctly.

If you think that you don’t have enough time to read, then before attempting every question interpret and understand it completely.


How much marks are allocated are to each question. Mostly, the number of marks determine the number of pieces of information that you are required to give. A 4 mark question will be requiring you to give 4-5 different pieces of relevant information. Anyway, a one mark question doesn’t require you to give an essay style answer.

Be Short and Comprehensive

Look for ways in which you can provide the most relevant information in the shortest way. Learn techniques for making your answers concise and good enough to score your desired marks.

By following these study tips and exam techniques along with full preparation along and a confident mind, students can surely achieve a good grade.


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