Going to give an SAT? What score you should probably obtain? Scoring a good SAT score is an aim of every student. You are probably wondering at what score you would possibly be accepted to your dream university. If you are going to give SAT in 2016 & 2017 then you must look at the average SAT scores that universities want.

What actually is a good SAT score?

Let’s have a look at the different ranges of SAT scores. The scores would be in two parts(English-evidence based reading and writing and Math) each of 800.

  1. The best SAT scores are:

1. English – 660+

2. Math – 680+ – Top 10% candidates are able to score

2. The crucial SAT scores are:

1. English – 590–650

2. Math – 610–670 – 25% candidates almost score

3. The average SAT scores are:

1. English – 500

2. Math – 510 – 50% candidates score more than this and 50% score less than this.


Scores below 1000 are thought to be poor and merely help in your university admission. A candidate’s SAT score must be above the 50th percentile. Scores above 1350 are thought to be descent and scores above 1500 are going to allow you to apply a wider range of universities.

What score you should get particularly?

You must know the importance of your SAT scores by now. Many of you would have already set a target in their mind but those who still have no idea and for those who want to refine their target score, follow these simple steps. Having your friends have set a bigger target for themselves shouldn’t worry you. But scoring higher isn’t bad either.

Google the SAT score that your university asks for by simply typing “(University name) Average SAT score”. This would let you know the scores that universities demand from their applicants. The scores may not still be updated by some universities according to the new SAT, so you can take the average of the same score from 1600, using simple mathematics.khan-academy-free-sat-college-board-aolpapers.com-

Now you know your target score, you must not forget to discuss this whole process with your parents.

Sal Khan has done some great work at Khan Academy. Khan academy and college board have joined hands and SAT courses are available for free where there are video lectures and tests provided for everyone at zero cost.

How do you get actually scored?

In the 1600 SAT(800 for Math and 800 for English) –  You will be marked in 1o point increments in each section. These 10 point increments have a big role to play in a 1600 score. The good news is that you would no longer be penalized for a wrong answer.

How is your Essay marked?

Prudently your essay responses are marked; where,

  1. Your essay will be read and scored by two different people.
  2. For each dimension, each scorer would give you 1-4 points and the scores would then be added
  3. Students would get 3 scores for each dimension- reading, analysis and writing- where the marks would generally range from 2 to 8 points.

Importance Of SAT

Details Of SAT


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