What is GRE?

GRE – Graduate Record Examinations

A standardized test that is mostly taken by the students who are applying to post-graduate courses (masters/doctoral degrees) in U.S and some other parts of the world. The GRE Revised General Test is created and administered by the well known Educational Testing Service (ETS). The score is valid for 5 years after the test is given. The computer based test is available multiple times a year depending upon the availability of the center in the area; whereas,  the Paper-based is offered thrice (February, October & November).

Why GRE or any Education Testing?

The grades that u get in college/university have great importance but unfortunately even good grades alone are not enough to get you admission in a reputable institution. Universities nowadays want the most from a student and tests like these are a good way for students to show their skills. These students also help the universities to compare between students and this is a fair comparison too. While these tests help link the students appearing from different educational systems giving a same test to get evaluated neutrally in the country and abroad through a uniform criterion.

How many times can a student take the GRE test?

The computer-delivered GRE test can be given after every 21 days, and in one year upto 5 times. Students are allowed to cancel the GRE scores they have previously obtained in a test previously; whereas, the paper based test can be given whenever it is offered.

What is the GRE score?

For the GRE  General Test, three scores are reported:
  1. Verbal Reasoning on a 130-170 score scale
  2. Quantitative Reasoning on the same scale and on the same 1-point increment
  3. Analytical Writing having half-point increments on a (0 – 6) scale

Applying to Business School? – GRE is the best option.

Not necessarily a business school, even if you are planning to go to a graduate school GRE is an option that is important in moving a step ahead in future. The GRE revised General Test being one of the ways would help you students to get into your dream destinations. GRE, is the only test that u need to give if you have to apply to a business school.

Now with this General Revised test students are able to select the scores that they want to send to the schools, so if u didn’t have a good test, give it again and let the schools know the grades you want to know. This is because of the score select option made available in this revised test helping give students even more confidence.

Who Takes It? When and Where?

Students who are aiming at business schools mainly go for GRE to achieve a master’s, MBA or any other specialized master’s or a doctoral degree in business. As applicants from all over the world apply, this is the only standardized uniform test that can help universities evaluate students from a common test.

The GRE Revised General Test is available in more than 160 countries with 1000 test centers. Now a computer delivered tests have also been introduced but this has not yet been fully introduced in all the regions.

Get to know when the next test is coming up : See Test Centers and Dates for all regions.

View the complete list to know which institutions accepts it View this list (PDF).

Planning for registration.

With a valid debit or credit card you can register for either of the test, paper based test and computer based test if it is available in your region.

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