A complete guide to gain your lost interest: Students often would lose their interest in any subject or have no interest from the beginning in any particular subject. You try hard to gain interest in that area but still unfortunately fail. There comes a point in a student’s life where they would get frustrated because of failing again and again. I also have passed through this stage when from nowhere I suddenly had lost interest in Mathematics. Hard to recover but yeah, with some pro-techniques I was able to get back on the track. I helped myself increase my motivation in mathematics and gain interest in it. I would like to share the techniques I used that helped me and I am sure that these would definitely help you if you are in this kind of vulnerable situation.

First let us have a look at why do we lose interest in studies. The biggest reason that is the most common that in your sub-conscious we are constantly thinking that this can’t be done. This causes lack of confidence and makes us lose concentration in that particular subject.

5 ways to increase your motivation and concentration

  1. The first and the foremost task you have to do is open the table of contents/syllabus of that particular subject and make a plan for yourself. The plan should be easy and less time consuming in the beginning. This is because you have to slowly gain your lost interest and confidence. If you put a burden and a tough timetable for yourself, that surely won’t help. Slowly and gradually when you start understanding the forgotten concepts, you can increase the time. Studying for more time in the initial stage can only help increase frustration.
  2. Hey, do you have a goal? The most important task to achieve success in any task is having a strong aim. Having an aim makes you passionate about it that doesn’t let you give-up and forces you to keep on trying until you achieve your goal. The subject you lack in might be one of the subjects that would be important in your future career.High School guide-How can students gain interest in a particular subject-aolpapers.com-
  3. Where are you studying? Is the place full of people and other distractions? The most suitable area is an alone room where you sit in a corner, preferably with a chair and table. Make sure no other distractions(phones, songs laptops, etc) are with you.
  4. If you study long, you might think you have done something great. The reality is opposite. You should never study for long hours and a person would usually get more tired and wouldn’t want to study again. Take breaks at regular intervals, refresh yourself and continue with your work. You would rather enjoy your work.
  5. Nothing helps you? Write a motivational note to your self, stick it to the wall or on your table. The motivational note can be a summary of why you want to study, your main aim and where do you want to be. You can also have some motivational quotes of some personalities on your table as this is what helps me a lot.


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