Concentration is one of the key factors to one’s success. Inorder to bring quality every one needs to be concentrated in their work. With concentration, one would feel clearly that his/her work got easier and faster than they thought of  it. There are a number of ways to get concentrated in your studies but many students fail in doing it. So, don’t worry, AOL Team has thought of some practical and 7 helpful ways of gaining concentration in your studies.

Concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety

 Jack Nicklaus


7 ways of increasing concentration while studying

Make a Schedule

Make a timetable for yourself everyday. Set targets, put them in your schedule and aim to achieve them.

  • Have breaks in your time table: studying constantly would not help to gain rather lose concentration as you would get exhausted leading you to close your books but we don;t want to make this happen. The ideal break time is 15 minutes after 2-3 hours of studying.
  • Study different subjects: Variation never bores you, so changing subjects after an hour or two would be useful as more subjects would be covered with more concentration.

Your Study Environment

The study environment has a great effect on studies as the place / environment ensures what level of concentration you are receiving.

  • If you have a separate study room that would be the best but if you don’t have then prefer to find a
    quite, clean and peaceful place in your house/school

    Your Study Environment

  • Get rid of all the electronics, especially your cellphone and T.V as they are the biggest distractors.
  • You should go according to your preferences, e.g. if you study better with music being played while you study, there is no problem in this case.
  • One good option is to say aloud what ever you read.

Your Food

  • The food you eat should be nutritional with all the essential nutrients in it for your body to be more strong.
  • Breakfast is the most important as it gives you the instant energy and the whole day depends on this.
  • Don’t take too much coffee or tea.

Your Sleep

  • Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep as sleep is very important for a healthy person.
  • Sleeping less and waking up more causes many illnesses that slowly get permanent to one’s body, leading them to be less active and other deficiencies.




  • During the break you get, exercise is a good option that you can easily do.
  • Morning walk is also of great importance making you feel more energetic.

Come up with other ideas.

  • Make cards, notes, of what ever you study. The most helpful are mind maps of every topic you complete helping you in your final examinations.
  • After every chapter ask yourself questions (interrogate yourself) to see whether you have prepared up to the level.

Unusual Ways

  • Chew your gum.
  • Breathe alternately from your nostrils.
  • Sniff some oils, like lemon, basil, peppermint & juniper berry.

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