One of the best ways to earn lots of money while at home. It can be easily started with O-Level students while A-Level students can use their knowledge in a better way. Starting this at a younger age is even better because a young and a fresh brain is able to grasp knowledge more and come up with new and different ways. Whereas, the new enthusiasm is even more helpful in this blogging task.

In this age, when you don’t have to use HTML for your websites and beside watching long, boring tutorials that end up in only confusing you, we have prepared a guide to set-up your own website. Follow these simple steps and  within 20 minutes you have your own blog.

Steps on how to create a blog

Why do you want to start a blog

You need to clearly know the reason why are you setting up the blog. It would be the best if you have your blog on things that are of interest to you.

People are seen to blog mainly for the following reasons:

  1. Becoming a better person – Blogging can help you get a better person by being able to communicate properly and in an efficient way. You develop a unique taste over the course of blogging
  2. Benefiting others – There are people who want their own knowledge to be aid to others and can help others who can use their knowledge in a way that can help others in turn.
  3. Get Issued – People want to get their work published and authors,  nowadays are building their audience from their blogs and publishing their work on their own blogs, unlike the traditional long methods of getting your work to reach people.
  4. Making money – This is almost every ones target in this blogging world and is blogging is actually one of the best methods of getting money too.

What your blog is going to be about

What are you going to blog should be more like what is your hobby. This is because you would never feel blogging a burden; whereas, you would enjoy and would want to do more and more just like a football player will never leave a chance to play. Moreover, start a blog on what you think you have thousands of words for it and can never run out of words, because your blog should have plenty of posts that are worth reading.

P.S: You shouldn’t hurry and just think of it from the top of your mind, Take at least a day if you haven’t ever thought for your blogging niche before.

Get Started – Chose your platform

There are many platforms that you can opt for, WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Tumblr and

Having a free blogging platform or a self hosted blog?

This is a big debate and problem with many people out there. It is simple that if you are having a self-hosted website you are fully independent 0f your work with no limits. The free blogging isn’t really free because of multiple limits and problems that a person has to face. Some of them are:

  1. Publishers have no control over the content they publish – As the content you are publishing is being hosted on their website, they can delete and remove your content anytime without any reason. Even if you later buy a self-hosted blog you would have lost all your audience and the authority that the blog had gained.
  2. You can’t make money on the free blogs, as they don’t allow marketing. Google AdSense or any other way of monetization would usually run on self-hosted blogs.
  3. You are not able to use the amazing, functionality boosting plugins and the elegant themes on these blogs as well.
  4. Your blog’s web address will be usually long like or besides being the easy to remember ( that are not easy to remember.

You can only use the free blogging option when you don’t have any interest in making money from your blog and the amount of traffic you get. If you want both then you MUST go for a self-hosted blog.

Majority of the web are WordPress powered websites. And out of all options a self-hosted WordPress blog is much more elegant and comprehensive with a lot of unique features and a big community to help you solve out your problems.

Do you know that is also self-hosted with

Find a domain name and a web hosting provider

Choosing a domain name is a very important task where you have to chose a domain for your blog and there are some essential tasks to do while you chose a name for your blog. Follow these 4 steps to get a memorable name:

  1. Your blog name shouldn’t be long, prefer a catchy and a short name.
  2. Your name should be unique and shouldn’t have any link with any other blog or any trademark.
  3. While buying your domain look for the “.com” as this is the most popular and any one remembering your domain name will certainly put “.com” at the end as many don’t remember the top level domain. But if your blog is intended to any specific region than you should prefer a country specific domain, as if you are targeting UK then “” would be a better choice.
  4. Show your creativity in your name by either joining two words(Microsoft), combining two whole words (YouTube), Coming up with a totally new word(Pepsi) or symbolizing(Apple) and many ore ways to show your creativity.

You can buy your domain name from multiple places, whereas, some hosting service providers also allow you to buy some domain names within the hosting package you buy. One of the most popular platform for buying your domain is Usually this would cost you $10/year with some cheap offers for the first year.start-up with

There are many hosting service providers and many are giving the best page speed and other specifications and that too being economical. The one hosting service that we recommend is HostGator as being easy to use, having great page load speed and uptime, this is far the best option that you can choose.

What you have to do after this is to install WordPress on your website hosting service, make an account on WordPress and start with your domain by installing it.

You must read thoroughly on how to start with blogging, making efficient blog posts that can gain more traffic and make it to the top of search engine results. Get the best theme, plug-ins and socialize your blog on famous social websites in-order to get more traffic.

Blogging is one f the tasks that you can do over these summers – Click here to find out what you can do in your free time



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