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IGCSEInternational General Certificate of Secondary Education

(generally a qualification taken by 14 – 16 year olds) is a popular international curriculum formed in 1988. IGCSE is offered by Cambridge and an Edexcel International GCSE. The qualification is recognized internationally as an alternative to National education provided by each country. IGCSE starts at a level of class 9 regardless of where the previous education is received for the two-year programme. The specialized English Language curriculum is required for pursuing A Levels, BTEC Level 3, International Baccalaureate (IB) & Pre-U.  However, changes are made to the coursework to retain its importance. The grades offered range from A* – G( marked in UK) and over 70 subjects are available. This includes more than 30 language courses while offers a variety of routes for learners of different abilities.

GCSEGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education

GCSE coursework (generally a qualification taken by 15 or 16 year olds) that was introduced in 1988 after replacing the former education system. Changes are made to the coursework to retain its importance. It is usually taken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland over a period of two years with exams taken in June and re-sits in winter(November). The grades offered range from A* – G. This education is required for pursuing A Levels, BTEC Level 3, International Baccalaureate (IB).

Which one is harder

It would not be fair to call out one of it easier as their are students everywhere who make the most difficult easy and vice versa.

Both curriculums have their own hardness levels and when compared to one another one would eventually fall under the other. However, all the ratings are of different human beings(Teachers, Students, Parents and etc)

What a teacher says : [quote font_style=”italic”]IGCSE has more scope for more able pupils at the higher level[/quote]

What a student said : [quote font_style=”italic”]IGCSE has no coursework and an extra module instead – it’s viewed as a much more challenging and overall harder course. [/quote]

It is said that IGCSE does not meet the subject criteria as it was noted in IGCSE there was less prescribed reading in its english exam, French exam was without a speaking test and last but not the least, no non- calculator exam in Maths. GCSE on the other hand is seen to be closely alligned to the programme of 11-16 learning making it easier to access.

Which one is more Popular?

During recent years a huge shift is seen towards IGCSE’s from 17000 English IGCSE exam entries in 2012 to 78000 IGCSE exam entries in 2013.

It would not wrong to say for a quallification being offered in 120 countries is more popular.


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