What do these both words actually mean?

Intelligence: A person or being with the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Hard work: A great deal of effort or endurance

The two very broad words have a very deep connection. If these both words are joined together they can take a person to the heights of success that one can’t even imagine.

Hard Work beats talent?

I will start straight away start with the importance of hard work. Talent is something that is natural- God-gifted. Hard work is something that you have in your own hands and tells how much are u passionate for your work. The more hard work you do the more success you will get in your work. Your talent and intelligence can’t help you alone until hard work is not done because hard work beats talent.

Worth of  Talent/Intelligence

Talent has its own worth. I believe that everyone has got talent, some are able to discover it while others keep on wasting it. People often call this talented person lucky. As far as intelligence is concerned, some would quickly grasp the concepts while others would take a little more time. But have you noticed that kid in your class who won’t speak much would look as a dull student but in his tests he/she would be scoring top marks. [divide icon=”circle”]

Hard Work, Intelligence or Talent-aolapers.com- hard work beats talent

You should conclude on all three elements are essential for a successful life. Without hard work, you won’t get anything. One should also not forget that hard work beats talent. If a person does hard work, they surely will get the benefit of their tough grind.

People who will take both things together would be able to get further in life. The more you grind the more you gain. People who have talent and intelligence are lucky but those who think who have not got all, they must know:

Hard work would beat intelligence provided intelligence is not doing hard work



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