1600 in the SAT, Everyone’s Dream, Right?

This  dream(Perfect SAT score) comes true for less than 1% every year from the huge pool of the students giving the SAT.

A perfect SAT score is possible butTo make this dream actually turn into a reality, relentless hard work is required from students. The maximum SAT score is 1600, that is only possible when all of the questions are attempted and are correct as well. Keeping in mind that a very small ratio of students is able to get to this mark because of the little margin of error that is in the SAT test. To become a top scorer, you have to get on your toes due to the exam structure(close answer options, short time, inferential questions, etc). A full score that is very rare; therefor, can help students get into reputable colleges very easily along with great scholarships.

Follow the following steps to get a 1600/1600 Perfect SAT score and ace the SAT.How to get a perfect SAT score of 1600

Don’t forget your target score?

(I personally had printed 1600 and placed it under the glass top of my study table, it always reminded me of my target)

First and the foremost task for you is to set your target score to 1600. Give a SAT practice test initially and note down your initial scores. This would tell you where you actually stand and how much ground is left to cover in order to get a perfect score. This technique is really helpful. Moreover, you can make a list of your scores as well along with the dates you perform to know your progress and push yourself to the Perfect 1600.

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Motivation: It’s never enough!

Getting a perfect score is really, really important and a lot of hard work is required. To do this, find that motivation which will guide you towards the perfect score. Never get depressed from the drop in your scores or to the criticism you face, take every negativity positively. This is actually the right time to tell everyone about your capabilities and to what extent you can go. Find your motivation in anything and take everything(good or bad) in a way that benefits you. What else you can do to motivate yourself to prepare for the SAT is to use a calendar(serves as a count down) and cross out every passed day. You can download a count down app as well.

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Practice & Practice

SAT is an aptitude test, but this doesn’t mean you are exempted from practicing. This actually means, more practice is required from you. A lot of practice tests should be solved and full tests should be attempted. Attempting the questions is very beneficial as it makes you get into a habit of completing the exam on time and u get to know your weaknesses. Looking at your mistakes and spending enough time to correct it is a good way to improve your scores. You must attempt 2 complete SAT tests in a week.

Improving Mathematics is easier?

Mental Maths

students-studying-get-a -perfect-sat-score-aolpapers

Your mental maths should be great as in the new SAT there is a portion (Section 3 of SAT) that has to be solved without a calculator. Even the calculator section is not meant that you have to solve it all with a calculator. If your mental calculations are good, you will be able to save a lot of time for yourself and give more time to questions that you find difficult.

Common Mistakes

You can easily avoid careless mistakes in the Mathematics section, and the best part about Mathematics is that you can learn it in a short period of time, unlike English which is learned over time. Read this to know about the
7 common mistakes in the Maths section.

This is crazy:

Teach what you have learned, probably the best way to recall?
Remember what you have learned, and get confident on what you have learned is to tutor it. Teaching isn’t an easy task, as you have to keep yourself aware of what you are teaching and how you are teaching. A complete grip and thorough revision are required before you teach. In order to explain well while teaching, you are forced to come up with new ideas and analyze things more deeply, .

Want to know the best part?
Your skills are improved at a greater rate and someone else would be helped as well.

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English grammar rules

Similar to mathematics, you are equally susceptible to make a mistake in the English section. To avoid the useless mistakes, you can learn certain basic rules of grammar that examiners would regularly check you on. These certain grammar rules and errors like diction error, subject-verb agreement, misplaced modifiers, and much more. You must learn all SAT grammar rules to pave your way towards the perfect 1600 sat score.

Bottom line:

The main target is to avoid any kind of mistake because of a very low margin of error. You can overcome by taking help from other students, studying from SAT books and revision guides; Most noteworthy: task lots of practice tests. You should work extensively on your mistakes and spot your weaknesses all the time.

Good luck!

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