Physics paper 3+5(Format)

Physics Paper 3 is comprised of 2 lengthy questions that total to 40 marks. The distribution of marks is on the basis of: 1)Manipulation 2) Presentation 3) Analysis. The time duration of the exam is 120 minutes and students are expected to spend not more than 60 min on each question. Similarly ,over here, we would be sharing the tips that were used by students who achieved A grade in their A Level Physics.

The following 11 tips for AS Level Physics paper 3+5 will work as a guide for you. , “A grade” is not far from you if these tips are followed and along with adequate knowledge.
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[These tips would surely help you on how to do physics exams in general(AS-Level, IB, Igcse, GCSE) as well!]

Step-by-step actionable guide to achieve an A-grade in Physics Paper 3+5

Overview and Important tips of AS Level Physics Paper 3 Exam to achieve "A"

  1. Read the exam paper thoroughly – As soon as the exam paper is given to you, write your name, take a deep breath and open your exam paper. Take a thorough overview of both of the questions. You should make sure that you understand the experiment well. It’s a good habbit to plan the experiment mentally and it’s even better to write down steps for the experiment that u will carry out.

  2. A table is required for both of these questions. You must make a clear table with given units of the quantity asked.

  3. The graph you draw, should be clearly labelled with the unit(if any) for instance if the quantity is length you should be labeling it as (length/m). Apart from labeling, a suitable and sensible scale  should be chosen that must cover more than 50% of the area given to draw the graph. Odd scales must be avoided. Make sure the font of ur writing should be medium and every word should be clearly written.

  4. When a question asks you to give your opinion, a general and a valid opinion must be chosen and these type of questions must be attempted in the end as you keep on thinking for the solution during this time. What to study for Physics paper 3+5? To be safe you shouldnt leave anything from your syllabus, examiner can ask you anything.

  5. The instruments you use and further the answers that you get from that instrument must be to its least count. For plotting the graph the readings must be given to 3 significant figures as it is easier to plot points.[sc name=”adlink”]

  6. When plotting the points and then making a curve or a straight line, the line should be correct and the distanceshould be accurate to within a half a small square. It’s not neccesary that the line/curve passes through all all of the points exactly.

  7. Take two readings whenever a new reading is to be taken. Average them(helps in reducing random error).

  8. To determine the gradient of the graph, chose two points and make a big triangle on the graph paper(label it).

  9. Percentage uncertainty should be taken from the least count of the instrument, for instance, least count is 0.01 cm and the reading is 8 cm, the uncertainty will be( 0.01/8×100)%.

  10. The last part of the second question is about limitations and improvements in paper 3. As soon as you start the second question, you should start observing the errors and think how to improve them, side-by-side while you are performing the exam. The  error that you can use every time is:
    two readings are not enough to draw a conclusion, and the improvement can be, take more reading and plot a graph.

  11. Solve past exam (specimen)papers, and have a thorough look at the examiner reports. There is plenty of information that you need to know about how the examiner’s assess your exams and what they actually want. Make notes of the whole syllabus as it is easy to revise from them. Precautions relating to every chapter should be noted down too. This helps in improving the exam answering technique as well.

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