The last 4 years of school are the most important to determine to which university you will go to. You have to pick the best and most suitable university for yourself that suits you and your major equally. The more you will search for your universities the more you will start to think about public or private college. There are very strong arguments in their favor and as well as against. Let us see the pros and cons of both types so you can have a better choice:


What is a Private College/University?

A private university/college are independent institutions that with its own specific and different goals is free to do whatever it can. Being privately funded they are smaller than public colleges and private universities have worked a lot. This has helped them to reach  to the to the top of rankings.

What is a Public College/University?

A public university or a college is funded by government and has great scholarships to offer with generally large campuses.What is a Public College-University-public

Public University Private University
Tuition Fee As they run on public taxes, scholarships are offered in public Universities. With public funding, they have a generally lower tuition rate Private universities are generally the ones offering more scholarships and funding to students. The problem is that even after huge scholarships the tuition fee is so much that some are unable to pay
Variety Compared to a private university, they are less diverse as a public university attracts more students from that particular state or country With greater variety, a private university is more likely to offer you variety with students from more different countries, backgrounds, and diverse cultures
On-Campus Student Life You will be finding a number of options, like joining clubs and student involvement activities. Other interactions may include athletics, public speaking and etc. Everything is on a larger scale. Almost all these activities are carried out but on a smaller scale compared to a private university.
Graduation Students often think that they would complete their 4 years, but this is not the case. Less number of students would graduate from a public university. With a higher percentage of students completing their graduation, private institutions give a reflection of good atmosphere.
Education Quality The education quality is good and you must not link to lower tuition rates with lower quality of education. Quality nowhere better as their ranking speaks out loud about their quality.

A public school would work out for you if long lectures, a large campus is something that works totally fine for you. Whereas, if you are an athletic person public university is the right place for you.

A private university is the one if you want quality education, best extra-curricular activities, experienced faculty and supportive friends. I guess these are the things that everyone wants?

The Final decision should be made after a lot of research, look for every bit of information that the university gives themselves and the information given out by people as well.




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