Project Management Professional – PMP Certification Overview

A professional designation offered by the (PMI) Project Management Institute where 712,948 PMP certified individuals are currently active worldwide. Leading projects of PMPs can be found nearly in every country that focuses globally. Being one of the most recognized certifications, a PMP would be able to work nearly in every location with any kind of method being used there. PMP certified professional have chances of earning more by roughly 20%.

With more certified PMPs there are greater chances of employers being benefited as their projects would finish on time, hence increases their production rate.  Simply PMP certification would make you a project hero. You would be able to understand the global language of project management connecting you to a community of professionals and experts all over the globe.

PMP Exam Syllabus

The PMP exam is based on the (PMBOK) Project Management Body of Knowledge and PMP examination specification that is divided into 5 main fields:
  1. Project Initiation
  2. Planning the Project
  3. Project Execution
  4. Auditing and supervising it
  5. Termination

Exam Procedure

Out of 200 MCQs, 175 are marked and the rest 25 would randomly come in the exam to help the student to get used to it. A closed book 4-hour exam has to be given. 4 choices would be available, out of which one is correct. For most locations a computer-based test is available. To maintain their PMP, candidates must earn 60 professional development units thrice in three years.The result of the computer based test is instantly given. Surveys show that the most difficult areas for a PMP are managing time, quality and integration.

All-you-need-to-know-Project-Management-ProfessionalPMP-pmp Certification-AOLPAPERS.COM-.png

Who is eligible?

Candidates must have completed their high school diploma or associate’s degree. 7500-hour experience in leading and direct projects with 35 hours education of project management. To get awarded with PMP certification, a candidate must fulfill these requirements and pass the examination.

Who should apply?

An experienced project manager who thinks that he is responsible for all aspects of delivering projects(on-time), instructing and leading cross-functional teams, PMP certification wouldn’t be a bad choice for you then.

How much have you to pay for PMP?

A member is required to pay $405(US); whereas, a Non-member would pay $555(US).

Want to apply? Follow the link below:

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