Whether you are an English or a Math pro, you will end up making some kind of careless mistakes, Won’t You? Mistakes in Maths section are generally more due to lack of attention than lack of knowledge. To overcome this awful situation, we have prepared a SAT guide about the 7 SAT Math errors that many students make, while we have suggested efficient ways of improving these mistakes. By improving the careless mistakes pointed out, you can gain more focus, make less careless mistakes, and raise your score during SAT prep.


SAT Maths section is challenging for most of the students. From surveys and actual experiences, we have felt that there are some common errors and loops holes that every student probably falls in. Although the concepts of secondary level mathematics and some additional topics are enough to cope up with most of the questions. But by learning a few more concepts and special techniques, an average student would be available to score a 720+ easily in Maths section. A bit more of an understanding and with a cautious approach, this 80-100 points gap can be easily covered to become the perfect scorer.

In the Following SAT Prep guide, we will tell you about the 7 most common errors in SAT Math that YOU most often make.


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The 7 Most Common SAT Math Mistakes

7: Are you sure you’re not doing it mentally?

It’s time to scribble USE YOUR PEN and apply your mental maths on paper to proceed to the correct answer without missing any step. Solving questions mentally in an official SAT exam is the first careless mistake you would make unless you are very sure about it. Do all the calculations on the paper, and you would see a major difference. Make it your habit to solve questions on rough pieces of paper in practice tests, so you don’t forget to do it on the actual test day.

6: Did you read it all carefully? No, you didn’t…

As soon as you start the question, Gather all the of the concentration to read the question carefully circling/underlining the keywords that appear as you are reading the question. This would help you to let you know the basic aim of the question, guiding you to the answer quickly. Make it a habit in your practice tests too.

Practice the new SAT math questions with the newly added topics provided by the College Board itself. Print these PDFs for further convenience.

Get 8 official Practice Tests from the College board For SAT Math Practice

5: Do you know all the formulas? You must!

Before appearing in your exam all of the formulas must be memorized by you. Each and every required formula should be at your fingertips. This wouldn’t let you stuck in the mid of your exam, while you waste your time remembring the formula.

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4. Are you using your calculator in the appropriate way?

You may be wondering, are they crazy?

  • Using calculator efficiently is a major key to a good SAT score in Math Section, and saving your precious test time. Firstly, using a calculator carefully is really important as all students are rushing, while rarely check the wrong numbers they have typed.
  • Double checking is always useful and it also makes you feel confident over your answer.
  • Remember to use parentheses, as calculators being very powerful aren’t smart. To get the correct order for your answer, use parentheses appropriately and regularly.
  • In new editions of calculators, you can find the solution to polynomials and polynomial inequalities as well.

3. Time is money – Doesn’t mean that ATM is time machine


Are you keeping up with the pace? You need to have a fast pace due to the very short time in the SAT. Solving questions at a faster pace is the key to get all of your questions done on time. At the same time, you need to remember that you don’t have to rush, solve your questions efficiently. Calculate the average time for each question, and make sure you look at the clock at regular intervals. The average time for each question in SAT Maths section is 1 min and 23 seconds (83 sec).

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2. Double checking/ Trial and Error Method

Give yourself 5 seconds at the end of each question to go through the question again. In haste many students actually make waste. Avoid making mistakes by going through every question after your attempt.

But here’s a kicker:

To solve a question that is lengthy, you can always use the Trial and Error method, this is very useful for all questions in general. This method helps u reach the right answer by disqualifying the rest. It’s a handy method to get your answer right.

1. Basic Math knowledge

  • The common SAT mistakes that students might encounter are thinking 1 as a prime number. It Is Not!
  • When there is percentage sign (%), don’t forget to multiply it with 100.
  • Whenever you face a squared, or a modulus function; prepare yourself for two answers.
  • Questions with triangles often have special triangles, and the SAT makers love to disguise these special triangles, but you should be prepared good enough to spot them.
  • Inequality signs need to be reversed when a negative sign is attached with them and you flip the sides.
  • Last but not the least, all diagrams are not drawn to scale, so don’t try to make up answers from diagrams that aren’t scaled.

What’s The Bottom Line?

While giving your SAT exam, just don’t allow yourself to make a mistake, you must avoid the SAT math errors. You are not there to show off: solving difficult calculations in your head, doing it hastily to finish it before your friends do, will not work for you. Do all the calculations stepwise and efficiently. Target every question to be finished within 1.25 minutes.

The top tip to prepare for the SAT exam is to go along with the time, all questions are carrying equal marks. Don’t get stuck, Move On!
Attempt the hard questions at the end.


Best of luck boys and girls!



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