SAT section 2 is the Writing and language section of the SAT. The reading section is based on 4 passages from which 44 questions are asked. There are a number of different types of questions asked in the reading section. The most frequently asked question is Question type 1 which roughly covers 30-35% of the questions.

Question Type 1 : Adding, Deleting, and Revising information

Adding Information

Adding Information

  • Read the first sentence of the paragraph(Mostly topic sentence) & the last sentence (Mostly summarizes or reinforces) the main topic.
  • Read the additional sentence being offered.
  • The additional sentence should be added if it is relevant and supports the main idea of the context and vice versa.
  • Sometimes the first sentence is not a topic sentence, it can be the second sentence too.

Placing Information

  • Read the sentence being offered
  • Mark the Keyword/words
  • Plugin the sentences in all 4 or 3 options
  • Match the keyword/words and their synonyms in the sentences offered
  • Pay attention to the cataphoric and anaphoric references in the text and the offered options.

Adding a topic/concluding sentence

  • Read the first and the second sentence.
  • Read the last sentence of the paragraph.
  • Your sentences must be consistent with the both the topic and concluding sentence.
  • The subject should be relevant with both sentences and the tone in all 3 sentences is constant.

Deleting Information

  • If the underlined portion repeats an idea that the writer has already expressed, delete.
  • If the underlined portion¬† is irrelevant to the main idea of the paragraph, delete.
  • If the underlined portion explains or defines an important idea, word or phrase, you mustn’t delete.
  • If the portion provides a specific idea of that the writer has already expressed. You must not delete.

Revising Information

  • Based on middle part of the paragraph.
  • Either part of the sentence or entire sentence is underlined.
  • Revise means to change or alter, and you should revise if one of the followings is the case.

1) If the underlined part is repetitive; 2) If it contradicts with the context of the paragraph; 3) If the underlined part doesn’t provide an illustration or a specific example; and, If the underlined part is irrelevant.

  • Sometimes, no revision is required, choose No Change.

By following these rules, a student can surely get a command on their Question type 1 of the reading section and know the actual way to solve them within 40 seconds due to too short time. Mistakes should be avoided because there is a very little margin of error.






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