Having an excellent professor is not less than a blessing. It is all up to a professor. A good professor will change a boring subject into the most interesting thing you have ever come across. One the other hand, well you never want this happens.

Professors are the most influential people you will have in your college. They influence a student’s life more than anything. An excellent professor would make you want to come to college every day, stay there for more time and make you feel relaxed rather than stressed.

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Your professors can help you increase your grades but you need the skills to engage them. With proper engagement and using the right manner to communicate, they may be tempted to give you scholarships and ask you to join in their work. How good will your resume look where you mention of your being a part of a professor’s research work?

The biggest issue that you will come across is how you will choose the best professor in your field. Some cases don’t allow you to choose and you can just hope that the professor turns out to be interesting. Those who have a choice to pick the best professor

Professor Rating Websites

Do you know about professor rating website? Ratemyprofessors.com is a usIf no, it is high time that you know about this helpful resource to provide the best professor ratingrate-my-professors-aolpapers.com-. This is the largest online destination that will provide you with professor ratings. The website is contributed by students where over there are 15 million ratings for over 7,000 schools and 1.4 million professors. If you have any experience of any professor, submit your ratings and join the 4 million people doing it monthly as it might help someone. Check out the relevant part of the ratings that will determine whether to chose him as your professor or not. Furthermore, you can submit ratings of professors too.

Other Websites that are doing this task are MyEdu, Koofers and etc.

Do you have a student Advisor?

If yes, as in many cases, you must go and talk with them. They always are the ones who know about college stuff more and about professors even more. They would be giving you the best advice as they have known you a lot because of your presence at school and your previous interactions with them. Student counsellors are the ones who are well aware of the professor ratings.

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Students Currently Studying that major or who have already studied

Find students studying the particular major you want to study would be of great help to you. they will properly guide you on this and tell in detail about their own experience with a particular professor. Moreover, they can recommend a better professor too, based on professor rating.

Professor’s Blog/Website

Many of them have made their own personal blogs where they tell you about their achievements. You can have a look and contact them through their website to which they surely reply.

Their works

Professors have their research work and books published. Reading them will give a great idea of their personality and abilities; whereas, help you form an opinion.

Sit in some classes

Take a few trial classes with every professor at the college teaching your major. Pick the best one. A few days are enough to decide if you can learn well from him/her.  You will get to know whether you can get along with him/her. Moreover, you can change your courses as well, if you don’t enjoy any your own course.


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