Almost every college student should be saving money and college students are mostly in need of money. Students should try not to lose any chance of saving money and exploit every situation of saving money. You would come across many situations in life where you would be able to save money but you would miss most of them. College life should all about be studying and saving.

Here are 5 best ways how you can save money

Top 5 amazing student tips to save money in college

1. TV and phone packages

You should cut down your cable packages, and if possible remove the TV as you can browse and watch your favorite TV shows or any other thing online as well and much cheaper. And when we talk about phone packages it is advisable to have the most cheap network with the most basic package to save money.
PS: Don’t make useless calls messages, and for internet use public Wi-Fi or your friends hotspot.

2. Your eating(Food)

 save money on food and groceries
Students tend to eat a lot out and spend more money than the actual cost of food. It would very beneficial if students start to make food on their own and that too from scratch. You would observe immense saving and would notice that the burger being sold out can be made at home with less than half of the cost. Cooking and baking also helps you to be more creative and then you can say in a public place that you are a great cook. you can save money on groceries.

3. Rooms

Most students live in sared rooms and this is the biggest secret to save a descent amount of money. A student would be very lucky if he/she gets a co-operative room mate. Unfortunately this happens very fewer times. However, this helps students in you splitting utilites and this helps to save money.

4. Transport

A student would usually travel on public transport and this is very convenient; private cars are too expensive and there are other problems related like paring money, fuel and other registrations. Buses should be preferred and taxis should also be avoided. This tip for saving money is even more workable when you have your home near your campus.

 5. Books

Students have to buy books and every college student does, and the bills that get collected at the end of the session. You can save your self, make sure you have time to visit a book store, there are some old book shops and you ca even buy books from the senior students at very cheap rates. However, online sites also cheaper books.

That’s not all of course, tell your life experiences in saving money to help other students in the comments section. More over this can be used by teens and adults as well. These tips would work every where in the world in Asian countries(Japan, China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Singapore), Europe, America, etc


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