Questioning is a very helpful and an absolutely necessary tool, especially for a classroom. This helps to understand most of the topic being explained as questions work as a spade that helps to dig the information. However, in this world where things are being discovered and many have left unanswered, people don’t value and even tolerate questions. Most of the  institution nowadays are answer-based including our education system where questioning about something is seen as a sign of weakness. We as individuals and as a team  should work on encouragement of questioning in the classroom at least.

We should question, but there are some ways to guide us through and become good to ask questions-aolpapers.comquote-Thomas-Berger-the-art-and-science-of-asking-questions-65928

Make It Safe and Answerable

The first thing that you should be aware and cautious of before asking a question is : Is it safe? Making your question safe is essential. There are many ways to make it safe  and many reasons why should it be safe. Put your classroom as an example, where a teacher asks a question. The question the teacher asks should be safe in a manner as the question should be freely answered by the student. The questions should be made the strengths where they are welcomed and answered besides leaving them.Ways to Help Students Become Better Questioners

Make It sound interesting “Cool”

This task is not an easy job as it requires great skills which many few possess. The question you ask should not be boring and lame, besides it should grasp everyone’s attention and make everybody to answer the question.

Make It Rewarding

We most often see anything that has got a reward/ discount with it have got more people with it. For kids you can offer a candy or a chocolate to encourage them to try hard and answer your question that will make them in return ask you questions. But teacher while ask questions rarely appreciate the students and insult those who are unable to answer them. The right way actually would be to applaud those who answer it and appreciate who couldn’t.Ways to Help Students Become Better Questioners

Make It Fun

Things that have got sum kind of game with them are more likely to get attention. It is in fact a very good idea to put an element of ‘play‘ in it. There are numerous ways of doing that as the most handy is that it can be made into a form of a quiz. This technique is obviously helpful while questioning with your friends and especially kids as they are the one who the real questioners and slowly they would adopt these techniques in their questions as well.

What we actually want? The eventual position we want students to get in is to be long life questioners. Questioning shows till where the student has learned. No question is crazy as well as many of these questions come to serve you as “break-throughs” help to get out of situation where it is almost impossible to. Questioning is also a welfare task as the things we get to know are those things we are not told especially and as written above the work as a spade in digging the treasure.

Time to ask yourself a question: Is there a way that can help encourage asking questions? Aolpapers look forward to your questions & thought  —  in the comments area.

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