SATScholastic Assessment Test

standardized test that would help you numerously in your University admissions. Being an important part of your application, SAT is significantly important in granting you an admission. Here are the 5 common and uncommon reasons that makes SAT so important for students, parents and teachers.

College Admissions

The first and the foremost reason of most of the students giving their SAT is for their college admission applications. Students want their application to stand out and grant them admission in their dream universities. This undoubtedly is one of the ways, but not the only way. You wouldn’t be judged only on your SAT scores in their application. Universities want a complete package. Your extra-curricular activities are what count the most along with grades, and SAT/ACT or any standardized test scores. SAT scores would give you a plus point plus it is compulsory for some universities.

Universally Accepted

Over 2 Million students from United States and hundreds of thousands from the rest of the world apply every year. These numbers tell much about the importance of SAT. SAT is accepted by many universities all over the world and regarded. Many scholarships are given on basis of SAT scores. The more you score the more you save.

Balance a Low GPA

Got low GPA? Don’t worry. SAT is the way out. Get a good SAT score and balance your low GPA. Chances are that one subject that you have been hating all the life has ruined your 4.0. SAT can help you show to the colleges your intelligence when your GPA fails to do it.

SAT will continue to show up

The scores don’t die with your college admission, this is something that you will be quoting and getting help of nearly all the life. In your job resume, SAT score will speak out a lot. Tell your SAT to your kids and grand kids – get a good score to get them impressed instantly.ACT vs. SAT-Which One Is

SAT is easier than ACT

There is always a confusion between students including me thinking which one is harder. I came to a conclusion with a couple of satisfying facts. There were people who wanted I steer towards ACT but thankfully I didn’t.

ACT is much tougher and requires more knowledge from you if you are not a science student as ACT has a science section. Many universities require SAT and ACT both but some require SAT only.

The exam usually is harder, let me highlight some areas :-

  • Comma usage is included in grammar section.
  • Pre-calculus and Trigonometry is in Maths section
  • Solving More question in a shorter interval of available time
  • The reading level is higher of the passages given in ACT
  • What else you need to know after you know the scoring is less flexible ( There are 180 while only 36 different cumulative ACT scores)

See our detailed Comparison between ACT & SAT



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