Download GCE O Level Islamiyat 2058 Past Papers

Download GCE O Level Islamiyat 2058 Past Papers

The past papers along with their

  • Examiner reports
  • Grade thresholds
  • Mark schemes
  • Specimen papers
  • Syllabus
  • Teacher’s resources; and,
  • Instruction reports are provided.
GCE O Level Islamiyat Past Papers 2058

Cambridge O Level Islamiyat 2058

The Cambridge O Level Islamiyat  2058 Syllabus is important for analyzing and studying the religion – Islam. The syllabus covers different sections like the History of Islam beginning from the birth of Holy Prophet (PBUH) to his becoming a Prophet. The Makki Life and The Madni Life. Main events during this phase. Moreover, the pillars of Islam and the obligation of every Muslim, as well as the rights of others on every human being like rights of the orphans, daughters and etc. Not only this but the coursework includes Holy Prophet (PBUH) Wives, children including his grandsons and companions. There are thorough topics of the life of caliphs and there reign’s main events. None the less Quran and Sunnah are also one of the main topics from which every time a question comes in GCE O Level Islamiyat Exam. As a result, learners develop a sense of even more familiarity with the religion and know more about Islamic faith and history.

With some practice of past papers along with the book and the Islamiyat revision notes, students can improve their grip on questions. O Level Business Studies students should focus on the on the Gce O level Islamiyat examiner reports and the mark schemes as well. This enables them to know how the examiner will be evaluating them and what are the basic things that the O Level  Islamiyat exam questions can ask. These are the basics of How to get a grade in O Level Islamiyat and How to finish the GCE O Level Islamiyat exam on time.

Islamiyat 2058

Aol Papers provides Latest O Level Islamiyat Past Papers and Resources that includes textbooks, topical past papers, theory, revision notes and a lot more. Past papers of Islamiyat 2058 are available from 2002 – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. Aol Papers provides downloads in a single click direct download from our high-speed servers. We believe this is the easiest way to facilitate students in saving their time that our websites from this niche lack. The content offered here is absolutely free and provided in the easiest way for all of the students.

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